November 29, 2021


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A death row inmate has been rescued by militants in the United States after a strong mobilization

Within four hours of injecting a controversial dangerous cocktail, Republican Gov. Kevin Stidt, under intense pressure, commuted his sentence to life imprisonment.

“Julius Jones will not be able to ask for new transactions, pardons or conditional release until the end of his life,” he said, however, in an edict published on this conservative state and rural website in South America.

Condemned Amanda Boss’s lawyer commented in a statement that “we thank the governor for preventing the unrepairable error,” adding that he “believes he will” fully “follow the recommendations of the Amnesty Office”.

The office raised suspicions of Julius Jones’ guilt, twice recommended commuting his sentence to life imprisonment and allowed him to file an application for early release.

“I’m very grateful to everyone who helped save Julius. Thanks to the apology office and Governor Stid,” reality TV star Kim Kardashian tweeted, one of the figures in the criminal campaign.

“Cold engine”

Julius Jones was sentenced to death in 2002 for the murder of a white businessman named Paul Howell, which he has always denied. He claims to have been convicted, badly protected by his early lawyers, and discriminated against at trial.

All of his legal actions were dismissed and Mr Howell’s family, including his daughter, firmly believe his guilt.

The flaws in the case were subject to a documentary series and a podcast, and leaned in favor of the concept.

As the date of his execution approached, the stars, sports champions and the EU (EU) ambassador to the United States, but the six million people who signed the online petition, called on Governor Stitt to intervene.

On Wednesday, hundreds of high school students walked out of their institution in Oklahoma and tried to seduce the governor. According to local channel Koko, protesters have been camping near his home in recent nights.

“After examining and praying for the documents submitted by all parties,” the governor finally announced his decision.


Beyond doubts about his guilt, the executioner raised questions because it is suspected that Julius Jones must have obtained a dangerous cocktail of three ingredients.

Using this controversial protocol, Oklahoma resumed executions on October 28, after a six-year hiatus. John Grant, a 60-year-old African American, was shocked by the vomiting and seizures after the first injection, reporters who saw the scene said.

Prison services promised “no problem,” but many voices condemned the violation of the US Constitution, which prohibits “horrific punishments.”

The competing protocol combines an anesthetic, midazolam and an anesthetic, which is believed to prevent dangerous levels of potassium chloride pain before injection. It was used to hang Clayton Locket in 2014, but the offender suffered 43 minutes of apparent pain.

In 2015, another convict, Charles Warner, complained that his body had been “burned” before he died, and executioners used a non-compliant product. The same error was recreated almost in September 2015 and a last-minute execution was postponed.

Following these failures, a large arbitral tribunal began hearing and the authorities agreed to suspend the death sentence application. In 2020, they finalized a new protocol and set multiple implementation dates for 2021.

Five executions are still scheduled in Oklahoma by March.

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