January 27, 2022


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After record heat, Alaska faces a blizzard

The state Department of Transportation says large amounts of snow are blocking roads and making traffic impossible in Fairbanks, Alaska’s second largest city.

“We are facing unprecedented winter storms. All available staff are working very hard, but may not be able to clear everything by this weekend,” officials said on Twitter, describing the catastrophic situation with the ice, “Icemageddon”.

A few hours after December 19.4 degrees Celsius was recorded on Kodaikanal Island in southern Alaska, it rained locally. Ice formation.

“More than half of Fairbanks’ population was without electricity during the storm,” University of Alaska climate expert Rick Toman told AFP.

“This kind of phenomenon, with high humidity and very hot air, would be exactly what is expected from global warming,” the expert explains.

In the western United States, Washington State and California are also facing severe snowfall and rain, with hundreds of flights canceled and roads and people at risk of evacuation.

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