January 27, 2022


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Catering professionals and event experts affected by cascading cancellations: “This is a disaster”

Over the past few days, caterers and show professionals have been plagued by cascading cancellations. Year-end celebrations and Saint-Éloi celebrations at companies are canceled at the last minute. Some caterers have forced their employees into economic unemployment.

This must have been this caterer’s shot from Roeulx that our RTL INFO team visited this morning. But the chef is busy tinkering in the dining room. Saint-Éloi, Saint-Nicolas … December is a bad month this year.

“Canceled after cancellation, more than 48 hours here, lost equivalent to 1600 covers, Alexandre Castiau, reprimands the caterer. Eventually, obviously, it’s a disaster for me and my team. “.

Kitchens are vacant: 9 out of 11 employees are financially unemployed.

“We’m going to do it as usual, so we’re doing everything taken out. We’re actually betting on it, but it’s not saving our December, it’s definitely, when I look at the numbers. Going. Be at a loss, it’s for sure.”, Adds this caterer.

“We have no vision of what will happen”

The same is true for idle rental companies. At the 10,000-square-meter holiday warehouse located in Newells, this week the order space is empty: 300 instead of 40.

“In the speeches, it reads: ‘We have taken steps to ensure that everyone continues to work,’ and by placing these measures, I deeply believe that they are well aware that our sector is going to be shut down.Says Benjamin Leave, manager of a company that rents out party equipment. But all of a sudden, we have no vision of help for what will happen.

The beginning of this month is lost, Christmas and New Year are uncertain, and family celebrations are less profitable than business.

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“Even in the private sector, I feel that people are still very scared depending on the state of health. So last year, at Christmas time we thought we could do a little bit of work, and finally we got 3 orders. So let’s see this year.”, Explains Baptist Leave, manager of the party equipment rental company.

The department is asking for more clarity and stability in health measures to better organize the work they leave behind.