November 29, 2021


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Emmanuel Macron changes French flag

The French flag, the famous Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, has been replaced by President Emmanuel Macron. If white and red did not move an inch, blue would not be the same from July 2020 onwards.

A change that went unnoticed by the majority of the population but is currently under discussion. The blue that makes up the flag now is very similar to navy blue, but it was previously in a cobalt hue. The decision, taken by Emmanuel Macron, will be promoted by the Executive Director of Elysee Arnaud Jolens, and will be explained by Bruno Roger-Pettit, President’s Memorial Adviser, to Luis de Ragunel, President of Europe 1’s Political Service.

This blue shade is reminiscent of the pre-1976 French flag. The then president, Valerie Giskart de Estaying, chose to illuminate the blue of the revolution, explaining how Europe 1 could be further synchronized with the European flag. . Information already published in the book by Eliot Blondet and Paul Larrouturou, Elysee secret, Released last September.

On the France Info website, we learn that this decision is legal for the head of state. “This is part of a number of benefits. In France, the presidency is a kind of republican monarchyTherefore, historian Jean Garrix declared that Emmanuel Macron had the right to change the national emblem.

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