November 29, 2021


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In France, a mosque and two Turkish centers are marked with Lorraine intersections

A mosque in eastern France and two Turkish societies are marked with Lorraine’s crosses, traditionally a symbol of Gaulism and protest, which we learned from prosecutors and Muslim officials on Sunday.Trigger“.

The investigation will be conducted

In Pontarlier, crucifixes are affixed to the walls of the Philippe-Grenier Mosque and to the walls of the Pontarlier Turkish Association, said AFP Abdullah Zakri, head of the National Monitoring Organization for the Struggle against Islamophobia.

AFP told its leader Boubaker Lamamra that the tags in the mosque were noticed by believers attending Sunday morning prayers.

The Philip-Granier Mosque has already been damaged in the past.This is the first time I ‘ve seen Lorraine’s crosses“, Explained Boubaker Lamamra.

Symbol of protest, a “provocation”

The use of the Lorraine cross as a symbol of resistance “We oppose Islam“, He evaluated by looking at an action in these tags”Islamic hatred“.

We strongly condemn this stimulusAbdullah Zakri said.

It’s very surprising to us that Lorraine’s cross (…), but (…) we are in a complete straight line towards the presidential election and currently (…) hate speeches reinforce actions.“They are anti-Muslim,” he added.

Abdullah Zakri is back “Unhealthy climate“Something Around and Frightening Islam”Auction“It will last for him”Until the presidential election“.

As the presidential election approaches in April 2022 – President Emmanuel Macron, who has yet to express his will, must represent himself – the French political arena is abuzz with the entry of Figaro’s former journalist. The right-wing advocate, Eric Jemmoor, said he primarily targeted Islam in a radical discourse.

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