January 26, 2022


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In France, according to the Minister of Health, “the situation is deteriorating”

“The situation is getting worse on the epidemic front,” the minister said during question time in the National Assembly.

In the last 24 hours, 47,177 new cases were registered against 30,454 a week ago, according to figures from the French Ministry of Public Health.

With 10,249 people hospitalized, the number crossed 10,000 on Tuesday for the first time since Sept. 12. 1,187 patients were admitted in 24 hours.

“The virus continues to spread nationally, with an average of more than 30,000 pollutants a day, and if we continue this movement, it could be more than 60% per week. At the peak of the 3rd wave over the weekend,” the minister said.

The Minister of Health reiterated that the vaccine makes it possible to control the number of serious cases, hospitalizations, resuscitations and deaths: “This is what currently protects our country”, “even the benefit of the health pass”.

“But the number of serious cases continues to rise.

The number of patients in intensive care rose to 1,824 with 271 new additions on Tuesday.

Especially since a new risk is emerging: the Omigran variant, we do not yet know whether it is more contagious than Delta and somewhat resistant to vaccines.

The first positive case for this variation, which is spreading around the world, has been identified on the island of Reunion in France. “Other cases may be identified in the coming hours, and I will explicitly inform the French,” Oliver Warren promised.

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