January 27, 2022


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“It’s too much”: Those who reject the booster injection are vaccinated

From January 15, all adults must justify receiving the booster dose a maximum of seven months after the previous dose, otherwise their pass will become invalid.

Third dose? “There’s no question about that,” “it’s too much,” Kevin Perot, 27, said for his part.

No antivaxo or antipazo, this ambulance driver in Montmartre-sur-Mer (Normandy) who is on duty vaccinated wants to stop his work “until things calm down” and is already considering doing “retraining” in areas where the health pass is not required. .

He regrets taking two doses. “Living conditions are not much happier than a person who has not been vaccinated and I do not have much freedom: they force me to wear a mask. I have to isolate myself if I come in contact,” he sighs.

“Just because our immune system is weakening, they want to vaccinate us again, but that doesn’t mean it will disappear,” said Dominic, a 70-year-old resident of Angula.

Since December 15, the QR code he has used in TousAntiCovid has expired. His preference: to push back the deadline for the vaccine booster as much as possible because he did not see an “immediate benefit”. Two doses are enough to protect her, but she says she is in “excellent shape.”

In addition, he argues, the World Health Organization (WHO) “makes vaccination a priority for poor countries, so why am I Western?”

The prospect of a vaccine booster also upsets Loïc, a 24-year-old student in economics. Two doses “never bothered” him, and he was “in favor” of the vaccine and health pass installation. But since he heard about the third dose, he has been “surprised about the excitement” of the drug groups.

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“There are reminders for all the other vaccines, but here, it’s very close. It’s exaggerated. We have to stop this infernal circle. At this rate we can go up to 20 doses!”

Kevin, Dominic, and Loic say they are concerned about the side effects of using different vaccines depending on boosters and injections.

In France, the booster must be made with an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), regardless of the vaccine used during the first dose.

“Restore Immunity”

Pr Elisabeth Bouvet, chair of the Technical Committee for Vaccines at the High Commission on Health (HAS), pleads that the best defense against the Omicron variant for those vaccinated with the AstraZeneca or Janssen vaccine is to “add the dose of the Messenger RNA vaccine”.

“By booster, the safety factor is multiplied by five”, thanks to the presence of “80 to 90%” neutralizing antibodies (“20 to 30%” in double-dose vaccines). “Everyone needs encouragement. It helps Omicron restore immunity. There, in fact, do not hesitate, you should be vaccinated!”, The expert insists.

Merriam wanted to wait “at least a year to remember like a little fever”.

“During my second dose, the side effects shook me: fever, hand pain, severe fatigue … I do not want to recover from it,” says the 32-year-old self-employed person.

But her booking for the third dose could be elevated faster than she wanted. For one simple reason: “I do not know if I can survive without a health pass …”

In France, about 16.7 million booster doses were administered as of December 15, according to official data. The Minister of Health, Olivier Vran, believes that “20 million by Christmas”.

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