November 29, 2021


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KP Pettito case: Human remains found in Florida related to her boyfriend

KP Petito, an American YouTuber, went missing in August while traveling with her boyfriend, who returned home alone in Florida. Subsequently the hunt for him began.

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D.Personal items related to KP Pettito’s fiance have been found, an FBI agent said after “human remains” were discovered. The FBI confirms that human remains found in Florida are identical to Brian Laundry, the boyfriend of American KP Pettito.

Human remains

“Human remains” were found in a Florida nature reserve owned by the boyfriend of murdered young traveler Coffee Petito, whose disappearance has attracted the United States, U.S. Federal Police said Wednesday.

“Earlier in the day, investigators found human remains in an area that was under water until recently, along with personal belongings such as the backpack and notebook belonging to KP Pettito’s fianc மனைவிe,” said FBI agent Michael McPherson. Will be on site “probably for several days”, he said.

Reminder of facts

KP Pettito, who documented crossing the American West on social media, went missing while traveling with her boyfriend in August, sparking strong emotions and questions as he returned home alone to his Florida home. The body of a 22-year-old man was eventually found near Grand Dayton National Park. According to the autopsy, she was strangled to death.

Her boyfriend, 23, described as “interested in the investigation” initially refused to answer police questions. He, too, finally disappeared, disappearing for weeks. He was charged with fraudulently using a bank card and the Federal Police issued an arrest warrant.

The disappearance of KP Pettito, who was later hunted down to find her boyfriend, has been the subject of numerous media coverage, and numerous publications on social networks, with internet users trying to locate the little girl.

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