November 29, 2021


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Restoration is not excluded in France

Faced with a resurgence of the epidemic, France did not rule out any possibility.

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IGabriel Attal, a spokesman for the French government, who was summoned to France 2 this Saturday, November 13, on the set of “We Live”, said that in order to control the spread of the corona virus, re-control could not be ruled out. .

“The lessons I have learned as a government spokesman are that you should not set aside anything in principle. This epidemic continues to amaze the whole world. For now, it is completely questionable to talk about re-control in our country because we have a very high vaccination rate, ”concludes Gabriel Attal.

This Sunday, Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre delivered a more reassuring speech, while not ruling out the possibility of re-regulation. “Everything must be done to avoid a new prison. Let each one take his own responsibility. If there are new mandatory measures, we will be with traders, artisans and professionals, ”he told BFMTV this Sunday evening.

“At the same time a year ago, we were thinking about how to replace black silver so as not to overwhelm many during the sales period,” he explained. Today the situation is much better. I will use your antenna to tell everyone who is reluctant to get vaccinated: Weigh the pros and cons. If it’s not for you, for your loved ones and overworked caregivers, you can no longer pick it up and see people returning to intensive care rooms that have not been vaccinated. “

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