January 26, 2022


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The author of the series of murders predicted his own crimes in his books

“We know of books written by the suspect under a pseudonym as part of our investigation,” a Denver Police spokesman confirmed to AFP on Thursday.

The shooter, identified by police as Lyndon McLeod, released a trilogy called “Sanction” between 2018 and 2020 under the name Roman McLeod.

In photos of his various social media accounts, he has a long beard and brown hair and tattoos.

Following the opinion published on the author’s website, he follows the concept of “politician / billionaire who wants to use genetic technology to rewrite the DNA of criminals such as serial killers or perpetrators”.

According to the American media, in the first volume, a man named Lyndon McLeod kills the character Michael Swinyard in a building in Denver.

Authorities confirmed that one of the victims had the same name and was killed at the address mentioned in the book.

In another volume, the author describes the murder of a woman named Alicia Gardinas, who was identified as one of the victims.

The suspect’s name also appears on administrative documents attached to a premises purchased by Ms Gardinas a few years ago.

Roman McClellan, in a post on his site, said that “blurring the line between existence and possibility” is a mixture of fiction and “people” and “real events”.

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On Monday, the 47-year-old gunman first opened fire on a tattoo parlor in Denver, killing one tattoo artist and saloon owner, Alicia Gardinas.

He then wounded Michael Swinyard and then moved to Lakewood, a suburb of Denver, where he killed a man at another tattoo parlor and then a hotel receptionist.

He was shot and killed by a policewoman who was wounded in a gunfight.

Police said Tuesday that the suspect appeared to be “targeting specific individuals” and that he had “personal or professional relationships” with some of the victims.

The receptionist was unrelated to the gunman, but police said he had “contacts” with the hotel.

Lyndon McLeod was already under police investigation in 2020 and 2021, but no case has been launched, police said, who have not yet determined the motive for the attacks.