November 29, 2021


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USA: Five killed, more than 40 injured in car crash at Christmas parade

A car crashed into a crowd marching Sunday night in Waukesha, near Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin. At least five people were killed and at least 40 were injured in what became known as the Cold War, according to local police. Emergency services were heavily concentrated at the scene of the tragedy.

The incident happened twenty minutes after he left, during a Christmas parade. Police say there is no longer a serious threat. Of the victims, several children were taken to hospital.

Whether this was an accident or a planned act has not yet been determined.

A suspect was found by police, but they have not confirmed or denied whether the man was arrested, CNN reported.

Waukesha police have found a suspicious vehicle. The investigation is ongoing

According to shared videos of the incident, the vehicle, a red SUV, collided head-on with the crowd at high speed. The police who started the investigation found him. “While the Waukesha Christmas parade was taking place, a red SUV hit a barrier on the west side and headed for Main Street,” the official said. “The car collided with more than 20 people. Some of them were children and were injured in the incident.”, He added.

Vehicle found “Waukesha police have found a suspicious vehicle. An investigation is underway. “Police Chief Dan Thompson told a news conference that officers had identified one person as part of the investigation.

Authorities also said police opened fire in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The schools will not be reopened on Monday and some roads will be closed during the investigation, the police chief said.

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The White House has been meticulously monitoring developments. The incident comes at the end of a tumultuous week in Wisconsin, with Kyle Rittenhouse, a young American who shot dead two people during riots and protests last year, being released from trial this week. .