January 27, 2022


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Vaccine duty abolished, electoral reform blocked: Biden lives a real black Thursday

Black Thursday for Joe Biden saw the Supreme Court block the vaccination duty he wanted to impose on businesses, while a broader electoral reform he supports threatens to destroy the US Congress.

The tense U.S. president told reporters Thursday in Capitol Hill a rare meeting with Democratic senators who are supposed to unite African-Americans in a new law that protects access to the vote.

“I hope we get there, but I’m not sure,” he acknowledged his president’s important plan, and made this promise to African-American voters, who voted overwhelmingly for him.

Moments later, the U.S. Supreme Court struck another blow to Joe Biden, ruling that his decision to impose the anti-Govt vaccine on companies with more than 100 employees was illegal.

The move, favored by Joe Biden, was condemned by elected Republicans as an abuse of power. In a country where only 62% of the population is fully vaccinated, this issue reveals deep political divisions.

The High Court, on the other hand, upheld the vaccination obligation for employees of health facilities benefiting from federal funding.

The biggest promises?

The continuation of this bad news further undermines the political reputation of the already highly influential president.

Joe Biden has vowed to protect access to ballot boxes for minorities and to ensure the transparency of the voting process, especially in the face of the many reforms undertaken by conservative countries in the south of the country.

The NGOs promise that these measures, adopted by Republicans, will discriminate against African-Americans, especially those who voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden in the last election.

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To prevent this, the Democrat leader wants to synchronize voting procedures and give the federal government an idea of ​​local initiatives.

However, only Kirsten Cinema, a Democratic senator, was needed to destroy or destroy almost all hope for this great reform, which was the legacy of the great struggles for civil rights in the 1960s.

Elected, a centrist democrat, not against the law. But he opposes a parliamentary procedure designed to break the lock of Republican opposition.

To pass reform in the Senate, a majority by a theoretical 60 votes must be increased, and moderation and dialogue must be encouraged under one custom. And it gives the opposition a huge impetus.

Unable to convince Republican senators who strongly oppose the plan, Democrats have only one solution to save their electoral reform: to break this parliamentary procedure and force a simple majority.

“The whirlpool of hell”

Kyrsten Sinema did not want a compelling passage that would only provoke the “hellish whirlwind of division”, he said in a very sacred speech on the Senate podium.

Without his voice, the reform would have been ruined in the Senate by 50 votes in the Democratic camp and by 50 votes in the by-elections of Vice President Kamala Harris and Republicans.

This Black Jupiter is a vicious reminder that Joe Biden has very little room for maneuver.

He has to deal with the Congress, which he does not really control, and the conservative governments (abortion, suffrage, health strategy, etc.) in the open rebellion on many issues and now the more conservative Supreme Court, after Donald Trump’s appointments. .

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Already in December, he had to bury the most ambitious social reform because of another centrist, Joe Munch, a Democratic senator.

In a few months, Joe Biden will lose any majority in Congress in the midterm assembly elections. In fact, he will be paralyzed until the next presidential election.