November 29, 2021


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“When he loads the fireplace, my living room fills with smoke” (photo)

The Hull City resident has been at the end of her brilliance for almost two years. She reprimands her neighbor for installing a shipping container with a makeshift chimney a few meters away from her living room. The man promised her a veranda.

Now, as the neighbor burns the wooden planks, the smoke from the fireplace suffocates this English mother and her four children: “Even though my windows are closed, poisonous smoke rises in my chest. I am forced to wash my curtains regularly because they are smoky. “

It leaves her children unable to open the windows due to dangerous smoke. On top of that, this container is especially bad to look at. To make matters worse, the tree in the garden below is stored on the roof of the infrastructure, which is dangerous to children and animals.

The city council is reacting

Hull City Council said it was investigating the matter and was actively trying to help the lessee. In a statement, a spokesman said: “In July 2020, following requests for service from residents, inquiries were conducted into planning tests related to smoke and containers.”

“Although other efforts will be made to obtain the information we need, the ability to respond to service requests depends on a good level of communication from all concerned,” the service concluded.

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