November 26, 2022


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25 years of crimes and impunity in Congo: Denis Mukwege condemns international community’s ‘shifting geometry of humanity’

Wealth can be shared without turning women’s bodies into battlefields.

Dr Mukwege, part of Congolese civil society, has today called for a presidential run in 2023, but remains optimistic. Congo’s suffering is not inevitable, but the country cannot recover without foreign aid, firm condemnation of neighboring countries’ aggression, or hunting down the war criminals who are looting the country, he assures. 25 years put it in fire and blood.

Me, I believe in man, I believe in the goodness of manHe slips in the end. But what is happening in the Congo is very painful for me. However, I believe there are solutions. Wealth can be shared. Profit can be made without shedding blood, without making children suffer, without turning women’s bodies into battlefields. It is sometimes incomprehensible that when one chooses to do good, a choice is made to inflict suffering on others. Why shouldn’t we choose the good? This is a big question for me.

It is a question Dr Mukwege asks those who have solutions to end the suffering of the Congolese people in Kinshasa, Kigali, Kampala, Brussels, Paris, London, Washington and New York.

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