October 7, 2022


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3 members of the same family die of corona virus: “Weak people need to be vaccinated”

The village of Courcelles-sous-Châtenois, 80 people in Vosges, France, has announced the sad news. Three members of the same family died of corona. Within a week, the 89-year-old grandfather, his 82-year-old wife and their 48-year-old son became seriously ill. The family, who compared the corona virus to a small flu, opposed it, saying the vaccine was not needed.

Today, the couple’s daughter – in – law sends a message to all those who refuse to be vaccinated. ” Today I would like to send a message to everyone who is not vaccinated, especially to vulnerable individuals such as those with chronic illness: they should definitely be vaccinated. They already have health problems, so if they are not vaccinated, it will only get worse. ” He told LCI reporters.

In fact, her late husband was already suffering from respiratory disease. He died in bed on November 14 without even knowing he was infected with the corona virus. A few days later, her mother’s condition worsened. He was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries the next day. Five days later her husband died of an illness.

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