August 10, 2022


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“350 euros for four drinks, this restaurant is a joke!”

Alex and Lindsay Breen certainly didn’t plan on such a budget for a restaurant trip during their vacation in Mykonos. In fact, the couple was forced to pay almost 400 euros for a beer, an Aperol spritz and… twelve oysters! Their oysters are strongly recommended by DK Oyster Restaurant.

As stated therein Glass, it was only when he went to the bathroom at the end of the meal that Alex saw the prices the restaurant was charging: 29 euros per oyster. “When he asked for the amount, his face was in disbelief,” Lindsay says. “They showed him a computer screen, but everything was written in Greek. So he didn’t understand. »

Lest things get out of hand, the couple finally paid up. On TripAdvisor, there are a lot of negative comments. “If we checked the reviews first. This restaurant is a joke. 350 euros for four glasses. Don’t save your euros and enter here”, can we read specifically.

“He is clearly an influencer who wants to become famous by telling his story to the press. Who orders without knowing the price in advance? », defends the restaurateur who has not questioned himself amid many criticisms.

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