May 20, 2022


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500 kg of cocaine seized at Nespresso site

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Swiss police said Thursday they seized 500 kilograms of cocaine from a ship of coffee beans delivered to the Nespresso factory.

500 kg of cocaine seized at Nespresso site


Police said on Monday that workers of the Romant Factory in Fri Purk, West Switzerland, warned authorities on Monday that mysterious white powder was found in coffee beans bags. Employees at the site, which is owned by Swiss food company Nestl, “found undetermined white matter when they unloaded the bags of newly delivered coffee beans,” Freeborg police said. In the analysis it was determined that the substance was cocaine. Police added that more than 500 kilograms of narcotics were seized in five maritime containers “delivered on the same day on the train”. He said a large security cordon was set up around the plant during the operation, which involved a large number of customs officials. The cocaine did not pollute the factory’s production, police noted. Preliminary investigation revealed that the ship came from Brazil, where more than 80% of the seized cocaine was found to be pure and the value of the street was estimated at more than 48 million euros. According to the police, “it seems that all drugs are prescribed for the European market.

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