August 9, 2022


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64% drop in vaccine efficacy against delta variant in Israel: Vaccines re-emerge

The return of Covit-19 contaminants in Israel, with more than half of the population fully vaccinated with Pfizer / BioNtech, raises fears about low vaccine efficacy in “moderate cases” of the delta variant, an expert assessed Monday.

As the epidemic situation in Israel is being closely monitored internationally due to the advance of the vaccine campaign, Run Poliser, chairman of the National Expert Group, called for caution. “Very soon to make an accurate estimate” This performance. However, the Ministry of Health on Monday reported a decline in the effectiveness of the vaccine in relation to pollution and the development of symptoms, which is estimated at 64%.

Assurance: Always high performance in severe cases

The fall has been seen since June 6 due to the spread of the delta variance in Israel, the report said, without providing further details. “The vaccine is 93% effective in preventing severe cases of corona virus”, The ministry continues.

Half of all new cases are in vaccinated adults

More than 5 out of 9.3 million Israelis (55% of the population) have received two doses, mostly from the US laboratory Pfizer, which encourages a drop in the number of cases and deregulation. However, since June 21, Israel has registered more than 100 new cases a day. On Sunday, 343 new victims were identified. According to official statistics, half of the new cases are in children and the other half in adults, most of whom have been vaccinated.

The delta variant has become the “main strain”

This regeneration is clearly attributed to the highly contagious delta variation, which has changed “Main strain” The virus in Israel, leads “Significant change in the dynamics of transmission”Ron Poliser, director of innovations at Glitt, Israel’s leading health insurer, told AFP. “In mild cases there is an early indication to reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine” Compared to the alpha variant, this variant is associated with. “But it’s hard to determine how early and how much.”

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Nabdali Bennett asked the Ministry of Health to conduct two medical examinations. “It provides essential information for vaccine decision making.”, Said the Prime Minister’s Office.

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