August 10, 2022


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80,000 euros a year working from his sofa: a Canadian company is looking for a professional chocolate taster

The role is to “lead the Funhouse Snacks Policy” and lead the existing “three ‘bonbonlacs’.

“At the beginning of last year, we were looking for ‘panpanlocks’ who would taste the original flavors,” Candy Funhouse spokeswoman Vanessa Janakijewski-Rebelo told AFP. “We are now looking for our Candy General Manager to gently guide our ‘Bonbonlogs’!”

The lucky winner will have many responsibilities, such as approving new products using the DGC (Directeur Général des Confectioneries) label, organizing “Confectionery Council meetings” or the role of “head taster”, not to mention supporting “all things fun” in the business.

This offer is open to anyone living in North America who is five years of age or older. You should, of course, have “golden taste buds” and “a passion for sweets,” the job posting states.

Candy Funhouse reports that it has already received more than 100,000 applications in two weeks. “The majority are from adults, but about 25% are children,” the spokesman said.

On social networks, the announcement has become a huge hit among internet users of all ages. An American user, Matthew Crooks, pointed out on Twitter that his eight-year-old daughter had applied and also created her LinkedIn profile for the occasion.

“The official @candyfunhouseca she applied to. Thank you for helping her learn about work and the importance of a strong application even though she’s only 8,” she wrote. Once selected, the recruit will undergo “extensive taste training” and benefit from full dental insurance.