February 2, 2023


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A 28-year-old Dutchman traveled to Paris to celebrate the New Year when he flew down the highway at 241 km/h.

He was definitely in a hurry to celebrate the New Year! On December 31, a man driving his Mercedes flew at a speed of 241 km/h!

Mercedes was held immobile for seven days.

The man was traveling on the A1 highway in the Lille-Paris direction on Saturday morning. Voix du Nord reported that during a speed test, gendarmes from the Arras Motorway Brigade actually checked the speed at 241 km/h (up to 228 km/h) at the level of Vancourt.

A driver, driving a Mercedes AMG C 63, was arrested by the military a short distance away at a gas station in Saint-Léger. The 28-year-old man had come from Rotterdam and was traveling to Paris with his partner to celebrate the New Year.

Following this extremely high speed, he had to pay a fine of 750 euros. His driver’s license was suspended by gendarmes, allowing provincial authorities to issue an order banning him from driving on French territory for several months. As for the car, it was immobilized and impounded for seven days. After this time, Mercedes will be able to recover after payment of the repossession fee. The urgent driver was brought before Arras Magistrates’ Court in March.

The couple had to continue the rest of the journey by train, with gendarmes escorting the two young men to Arras station.

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