October 7, 2022


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A 6-year-old girl has died after falling from a spectacular 33m high gravity

Glenwood Governs Adventure Park Amusement Park is making headlines in the United States for a sad news. In fact, in early September, there was a tragedy in the spectacular attraction “Handed Mine Drop”, which has a free fall of more than 33 meters. An attraction similar to Dalton Terror in Valipi, on the other hand, reaches a height of over 77 meters.

The 6-year-old girl fell from gravity and died on September 5 from over 30 meters. A direct investigation has been conducted and the results have just been revealed. The report concludes that the girl was not properly controlled. She actually sat on it because the belt was locked from the previous round. But the one who is directly blamed is the one who is happy because the machine warns that it has failed. But when he was checked near the woman, he realized that the belt was tied but did not notice that the woman was sitting on it.

Finally, following this issue Gravity did not want to start automatically and the manager started manual departure. That’s when the play happened.

In their report, investigators point out. “Many operator errors, especially failure to ensure proper use of the seat control system (seat belts) and lack of human interface screen error conditions machine (HMI) comprehension and resolution in the control panel “.

If the park reopens on September 11, it will be closed until the “Handed Mine Drop” attraction re-announcement.