October 7, 2022


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A 70-year-old market gardener has been shot dead in a robbery in Passbeck from Thursday to Friday.

At about 7 a.m. this Friday, a forensic pathologist from the Lily Forensic Institute (IML) stopped in front of a small house located in the commune Hameau du Boise (with RD 91). Passpeck. A security perimeter wall guarded by police officers from Turquoise was set up to quell interest and freeze the scene. Investigators from the Lilly Judicial Police, who were captured by prosecutors, are currently conducting an extensive environmental investigation to find potential witnesses in a very quiet suburb classified as “vigilant neighbors”.

This is the 31st place on the street where a play was staged at night from Thursday to Friday. No information has been filtered so far but according to a source close to the investigation, firefighters from Lies Valley were dispatched to the scene, noticing one or more people injured by bullets around 3 p.m.

Despite the rapid intervention of emergency services and the Turquoise SMUR, the 70-year-old unfortunately died. The victim is a market gardener and is well known in the city and in the markets of the Lily metropolitan area.

Well known market gardener in town

An investigation was opened to understand exactly what happened. This is the criminal force of Lille’s Judicial Police, so it is responsible for investigations. The preferred hypothesis is that a robbery or home jogging would have gone wrong if no other lead had been avoided. The septuagenarian is said to have been shot as criminals tried to enter his home. We do not yet know the exact circumstances of the facts or the actual causes of death. According to police sources, the suspects managed to escape.

The mayor, Joseph Lefebvre, went there at night to be with the family and the victim’s wife. The first magistrate, very flexible, incites “human catastrophe.” “Our priority today is to work with the victim’s relatives to try to comfort them,” he said. This morning, it was an entire district, even an entire city, that discovered the play with amazement.

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