November 26, 2022


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A Canadian judge has released Hawaii administrator Meng Wancho

A Canadian judge has released Hawaii Chief Financial Officer Meng Wancho and closed the extradition proceedings during a brief hearing in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on Friday.

The trial in Vancouver, in the presence of Ms Meng, lasted several hours Following the conclusion of the agreement between Washington and Hawaii, it allowed the financial director of Chinese telecommunications companies based in Canada to return to China.

Meng Wancho, 49, daughter of telecommunications company Ren Zhengfei, wanted to try bank fraud on December 1, 2018 at Vancouver Airport at the request of Washington. “I signed the release orderJudge Heather Holmes said at the end of the hearing.

In the process, Ms Meng held a quick press conference during which she thanked the judge, his family and his friends in particular. “In the last three years, my life has turned upside down. It was a chaotic time as a mother, wife and business executive“, She regretted.

Following the verdict, the Canadian judiciary confirmed the existence of Meng Wancho. “Let’s leave Canada“So she benefited”Practical fairness before the courts, according to Canadian law“.

Disrupt the Hawaii Company?

The U.S. judiciary has accused the telecommunications company HSBC of lying to a bank executive during a meeting in Hong Kong in 2013. The applicant has always denied these allegations.

The US government has believed from the outset that the US administration is seeking to weaken Hawaii, the world leader and Chinese leader in 5G equipment and networks.

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