November 26, 2022


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A deer hunted by hunters falls into the water, the helpless animal is shot in the head, “he hid for a while under a pontoon…”

The deer was shot in the head before being pulled out of the water by hunters. According to the AVA group (Abolissons la Vénerie Today), a hunting scene took place in the city. On Saturday October 29, at 1:50 p.m., “the deer was killed in the industrial zone of Pont-Sainte-Maxence, in violation of the ministerial and communal decree taken by the municipality following similar incidents,” protested Stan Broniszewski, spokesman for AVA Chantilly. .

The deer was chased by the Rallye des Trois Forets team from the village of Beaurepierre in the Hallate forest before being thrown into the Oise in the industrial area of ​​Pont-Saint-Maxence to escape poachers. Courier Pickard. There, several witnesses and five AVA enthusiasts who were present filmed the deer hunting. “He tried to get out of the water, but there were no banks, only concrete, the AVA spokesperson continues. Witnesses heard the first shots, they did not know what to do to stop the hunt. The deer hid for a while under a pontoon and tried to escape from the dogs chasing it. »

AVA activists say they are surprised by the hunters’ insistence. “Once again, as they approach a city, they continue to take all the risks instead of stopping,” marvels Stan Broniszewski. The AVA recalls Article 7 regarding the rite of abstinence, taken in 2019, and states that when the animal is at bay, it must be excused if it is near residences, private gardens, commercial areas, offices and establishments open to the public.

But, for their part, the hunters of the Three Forest Rally ensure that there is no mishap. “Nothing to say. Making a fuss is the new fashion and the AVAs are experts at it,” replied Bertrand Souplet, president of the Rallye des Trois Forêts. “He says the hunt took place on private land in Beaurepaire with the owner’s permission. Then the deer jumped into the water on the farmland. Thorny and me. No one else was there.”

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Since then, AVA has posted a video on its Twitter account where witnesses are shouting at poachers a few meters away, while on the other side: “Pont hunting is prohibited! Indeed, after several similar incidents, on March 1, 2018, Pont-Saint-Maxence mayor Arnaud Dumontier issued an order banning hunting throughout the city and within 300 meters of homes. Reinforced barrier in wooded areas with barrier perimeter extending up to 400 meters.

This Monday, Arnaud Dumontier said: “The decree has been violated. A complaint will be filed. For their part, the gendarmes did not intervene on Saturday. “No one called us,” said Lieutenant Benjamin Gumel, head of the Pont-Saint-Maxens force. But the mayor’s complaint should lead to the first investigation.