August 19, 2022


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A distressed hiker called emergency services after being injured, and she was found dead the next day

Italian news agency Anza reported that the identification process had not yet been carried out.

According to the first elements, the climber alerted the Grand-Saint-Bernard hospice on Friday evening, explaining that she had fallen and had a problem with her leg. Since then she has been unreachable.

The alert was sent to the Swiss rescue service, which, in turn, reported the event to the Italian rescue service. The Swiss took over the operation as the Asta Valley Rescue Helicopter was engaged in two other operations. He conducted research with ground crews and two helicopters, each equipped with a thermal system. Operations ceased at 2:30 am and resumed at dawn on both sides of the border.

The mountaineer was found dead on Saturday morning. He was taken to Asda for identification.

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