November 30, 2022


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A Dutchman’s penis began to rot.

This news, documented in a scientific report, goes around the world. And his unfortunate story is specifically told Dailymail.

A 47-year-old Dutchman used the toilet when he went to a nature reserve in South Africa. While sitting on the pot, the man was bitten by a cobra that was quietly hiding in the bowl …!

The beginning of an experiment. The man had to wait three hours before being airlifted to a hospital 350 km away. During those 180 minutes, he felt a deep burning sensation in his genitals that began to swell and turn purple, a sign of scrotal necrosis.

Scientists have documented this case in detail in a new article Kidney case reports, The first medical case of genital poisoning by a cobra was mentioned as this victim.

Unfortunately, South African physicians faced an almost impossible task. Most of the tissue in his penis had to be removed as it could not be recovered.

Nine days after being admitted to the hospital, the Dutchman was able to return to the Netherlands, where he still had to remove the rotten penile tissue.

Dutch surgeons began reconstructing his penis using tissue transplant surgery taken from his waist.

In their comments on this case, doctors offer some advice to those who travel to the tropics, such as … Always wash the toilet.

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The good news though: a year after this incident, the man would have regained the full function and feeling of his penis.