August 17, 2022


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A gesture of solidarity moved Laura, who was reprimanded by Disneyland police while breastfeeding

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An Australian young mother who was reprimanded by Disneyland Paris guards for breastfeeding her daughter on a bench now hopes the outrage aroused by this episode will help change her attitude.

Disney apologized after three security guards asked the 33-year-old Australian to cover up or move to a private area.Mother and child“To feed her two-month-old baby when she was near an attraction last Saturday.

I had my daughter on my chest and three people around me were harassing me for something that made me feel like a natural and normal part of life.“Laura told AFP on Thursday that she only wanted to give her first name.”I felt utterly vulnerable, utterly intimidated and very scared“, He added.

The mother of two says she responded to the guards. “Very sure“She would not follow their instructions, but they insisted.”I asked what was the reason for this kind of request and they said it was for other park patrons here from other cultures and religionsLaura explained.

That day Laura benefited from the reaction of an unknown mother: “She sat down and began to feed her baby in unison with me. I burst into tears and I was overwhelmed by his kindness“.

Next to Blake at Disneyland, the minister is reviewing the amusement park

After the case began to spread on social media on Wednesday, Disneyland initially responded by saying it was using special rooms for mothers. “With appropriate and comfortable items such as special seats for breastfeeding“.

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French Interior Minister Marilyn Schiaphe, who campaigns for women’s rights, responded on Twitter.Breastfeeding a baby is not a crime“.”It’s nice to have separate rooms, but no one knows when or where a child will be hungry“, She underlined.

This prompted another response from the park. “Deeply sorry for this situation and apologize again to the mother in question“.

“A Confused Mystery”

France has the highest breastfeeding rate in the world, with only one in three children being fed formula, according to data from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). But there is no law prohibiting breastfeeding in general.

Laura says the security chief assured her that there is no policy to restrict breastfeeding in public, but the young woman remains with unanswered questions. “Why the security guards came to see me from the blue is a very confusing mystery.“, He added.

Put an end to these methods of embarrassing mothers

Alice Springs, who has lived in France with her husband for five years, is an issue. “Bigger than Disneyland“, Other friends generally experienced unpleasant comments or outward appearances while breastfeeding.”I would like to emphasize to put an end to these methods of interfering with the persecution of mothers and when you see mothers being persecuted.“Laura said.

In June, following reports that a mother had been stabbed in Bordeaux (southwest) for breastfeeding in public, legislator Fiona Lazar proposed a law to prevent a mother from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding her baby will be fined 500 1,500. Verifiers of the Liberation Newspaper have questioned whether the woman was slapped.

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