July 3, 2022


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A Govt Safe Ticket in the name of Adolf Hitler, verified by the Kovitscan application: How to interpret it?

In recent days, the govt safe tickets of Adolf Hitler, Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob SquarePants have been circulating on the internet. At first glance, this may seem like a joke to an Internet user. But when using the official CovidScan app, the answer is obvious: Access to the event has been granted!

So these Govt safe tickets are valid all over Europe. Why? Many theories are emerging on the internet.

Does a cyber criminal want to prove his ability to generate CSTs for a fee?

The first hypothesis is that Kovit would like to prove his ability to produce secure tickets for a cyber criminal pay. At the disposal of the Internet user will be the system for generating health QR codes. He will recommend to the hacker forum to personalize and sell his QR codes to buyers.

This would be a new step in the Govt Safe ticket scam False pass sales have exploded in us for days.

Were the system keys used to generate QR codes leaked?

On Github, a platform for IT developers, forums are at stake. Some believe that Hitler’s Govt Safe Ticket proves that the database with private keys has been hacked. It will also affect the EU’s entire vaccination passport strategy. To other Internet users, two users of a forum would have challenged themselves to create these false credentials, thus explaining that two CSTs were in circulation on Hitler’s behalf.

There is no evidence to support these claims. According to Alex Legay, a professor at UCLouvain and a cybercrime expert, a demonstration was staged by a researcher. “This proves that even by retrieving a list of disabled QR codes, they cannot be reactivated. It is almost impossible to steal keys attached to active QR codes, which is very secure and we do not know of any theft.

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Will the medical industry produce these coveted safe tickets?

Obviously, it is not possible to vaccinate Adolf Hitler, Mickey Mouse or SpongeBob. However, only health professionals can produce genuine certificates that do not apply to any vaccine. They have access to the Vaccine Govt Information System.

Another hypothesis emerges: Will someone in the medical profession generate these QR codes? Physicians who issue false passes run the risk of being removed from a physician’s prescription.

Counterfeiters may also be outside the medical profession but may use access codes for the system that generates the caregiver’s QR code. Some coders on the Github platform seem to believe this theory. Malware may be installed on the computers of persons authorized to access the tool. Thus cyber criminals can create false credentials.

Existing Govt Safe Ticket Theft

According to cybercrime expert Axel Lekey, a fourth hypothesis emerges. This would be a case of theft of QR codes already issued. The expert explains: “This is a copy of your original Govt Safe ticket“. Like France, vaccination certificates from Emmanuel Macron and Jean Costex have been leaked on social media.

According to Axel Legay, creating a fake Covit secure ticket can actually be quite simple. “There are people on the internet who have their QR code, their phone is stolen, … there are many QR codes. Once you have it, creating a dummy and transferring personal information is not so complicated.

It also explains why Hitler’s Govt safe ticket is valid according to the Govt scan application.

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However, to enter a bar or auditorium, verifying the Govit Safe ticket through the Govit Scan app is only the first step. In principle, the identity must be verified by an official document. For someone who intends to show this CST, it will be hard to prove that they are actually Hitler, SpongeBob or Mickey Mouse.

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