November 30, 2022


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A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shakes Haiti and kills at least 29 people

At least 29 people have been killed in a powerful earthquake in Haiti on Saturday morning, the country’s director general of civil defense, Jerry Chandler, has said.

In all, 17 deaths were reported in the Grand-Ann’s field, 9 in the city of Cayce and 3 in the Knips department, where the quake’s epicenter is located, in southwestern France.

The epicenter was reported at 8:29 GMT (12:29 GMT) 12 km from St. Louis-to-Sud. Geophysics (USGS)

No precise balance

I have confirmed deaths but I do not have an exact existence yetJerry Chandler, Haitian director of civil defense, told AFP.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced on Twitter that he would visit the site with relevant officials in the next few hours.Rate the big picture“.

I appeal to all Haitians for a sense of unity and commitment to unite to face this dramatic situation.“, He added.

Dilapidated houses

Witnesses who were interviewed by AFP reported that a long period of shock was felt across the country and material damage was recorded in several cities on the island’s southwestern peninsula.

With a population of more than 200,000, Jeremy’s mobilization caused significant damage in the city center, which included mainly old single-story homes.

The roof of the cathedral collapsed“Extensive work Joseph, a resident of Jermia.”The main road is blocked […] All the economic activities of the city are here“.

Tsunami warning

People are upset, parents are in their arms with their children and have left the city due to rumors of a tsunami“, Said Thomas Jean-Pierre.

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A tsunami alert was issued by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration following the quake.

The city of Jeremiah, nicknamed the City of Poets, is relatively isolated from the country because the national highway through the peninsula is not yet complete.

I was inside my house when it started to tremble, I was near a window and saw all the objects falling down.Cristella Saint Hilare, 21, of L’Asile, near the epicenter of the quake, told AFP.

A piece of the wall fell on my back, but I was not hurt much“, The young woman continued.Many houses were completely demolished.

The shock of the 2010 earthquake

In videos shared online, residents filmed the ruins of various concrete buildings, including a church where a ceremony was taking place Saturday morning in Les Angles, southwest of Port-au-Prince.

The poorest country in the United States still remembers the January 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated the capital and many provincial cities.

The disaster killed more than 200,000 people and injured more than 300,000.

More than one and a half million Haitians have lost their homes and put the authorities and the international humanitarian community ahead of the biggest challenge of reconstruction in a country with no land registration or building codes.

Unable to meet this reconstruction challenge, Haiti, which continues to be hit by hurricanes, has been mired in a serious socio-political crisis for ten years.

Reaction of the Belgian Ambassador to Haiti

There was no real damage in Port-au-Prince, but especially in the south. And many small villages have been completely destroyed. But since they are outside the main rounds, we will get some news in a few daysThe Belgian embassy in Haiti responded.

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