January 29, 2023


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A man pushes his dog in a wheelchair to the top of a mountain at the end of his life: “One last adventure together”

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A man pushes his dying dog Ben Y Fon, South Wales’ highest peak, into a wheelchair “for one last adventure together.”

Labrador Monty has always loved mountaineering, and his owner, Carlos, knows exactly what to do when he is diagnosed with leukemia.

At first, Monty responded well to chemotherapy, but unfortunately the leukemia came back several weeks ago and he quickly began to weaken.The 57-year-old said. Then, at the end of last month, a friend of mine who lives in Brecon was about to return from London with his retina detached from his eye. So I volunteered to drive it and take Monty with us. We stayed there for a week and Monty wanted to extend a large beautiful garden – this is where I stumbled upon an old rusty wheelbarrow and decided to throw it away in the dust. ‘Oil. “

Carlos and Monty then began their journey: “I put Monti in the wheelchair, in a pile of blankets, and began to roll on top of Ben Y Fon. He loved it and the reaction from the other walkers was amazing. They all took turns helping to push the wheel, and Monti really enjoyed it because he always loved people and was noticed. I fell in love with how much we were shown, to be honest – take the time to say hello to complete strangers and give us a helping hand to get him to the top.

However, Monti’s health continued to decline during their stay in Brecon, and a few days later he died at the foot of his master’s bed. “He held up until the morning of Father’s Day. I peeked on the mattress and he was gone, Ragont Carlos. He was very calm and I’m glad we finally had an adventure.

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