November 30, 2022


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A meteorite has crossed the sky from Brittany to southern England

Scientists at the Pribon Watch-Sky Network confirmed the presence of a meteorite in the British sky south of the UK on Sunday evening.Light as daylight“Continue”Explosion“.

This “Fireball“It was spotted in the northwestern part of France on Sunday at 11:47 pm (21:47 GMT) French time, with the Fribon network on its side showing images of the shooting star, especially in the Vaness sky. (Https:// 09/06 / bolide-du-5-septembre-23h47 /).

According to its path calculated from the cameras “The meteorite came from the south, crossing the summit of Morlix, passing Cornelius and completing its course on the English ChannelRennes astronaut AFP Priscilla, who is participating in the project, told Priscilla Abraham that its size was not immediately known.

Images were taken by cameras in Normandy and Brittany. The car passed Brest and dozens of testimonies in France and the south of England have already been collected by Friban or posted on social networks.

I saw the meteorite with its trajectory, a shooting star very close up. My partner only saw the light because he was not under the valex window, he acted for a few seconds during the day and after a few minutes, we heard something like an explosion. The meteor light was very bright with a slight green reflection and it was beautiful“, Brest resident AFP Manon Choquette said.

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