March 21, 2023


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A note reveals the instructions received by Russian soldiers in Ukraine: “Some points are surprising”

There is no doubt that relations between the Russian military and Wagner were no longer on good terms. Evidenced by the many criticisms of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the militia, on the Russian command. A new element will stabilize the tensions between the two institutions.

A note was found on the body of a Russian soldier in Ukraine. It lists eight codes of conduct addressed to soldiers by the command of the army. Alex Goksharov, a risk analyst specializing in Russia, shared the methodology in the paper. However, he mentions that he is not entirely sure about the authenticity of the picture shared on Telegram.

War in Ukraine: “Without equipment, my friends will be dead or injured tomorrow”

‘Only refer to Ukrainian troops as Nazis’, ‘Tell civilians in the liberated areas that Russia is always here’, ‘Dress appropriately’, ‘Quotate’: ‘Clear’ campaign rules and good behaviour, but ‘Some points are surprising’ The expert says. And in rule number 6, players are called upon to present themselves as Wagner fighters if they commit offenses such as “traffic accidents, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or causing harm to the public.” “In case of incidents, identify yourself as a fighter of the Wagner Group”, it reads.

Here are the eight enacted provisions of note:

1. Wear appropriate clothing, do not wear patches or other insignia identifying your unit.

2. Stay away when interacting with civilians in “liberated areas”, do not interact with them, do not accept food or other goods from them.

3. Use the first person plural: US.

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4. Tell citizens in the “liberated areas” that Russia is here forever and advise them to use only official Russian sources of information.

5. Refer only to Ukrainian troops as Nazis/nationalists, militants, invaders.

6. In case of incidents, identify yourself as a fighter of the Wagner group.

7. The army is not prohibited from occupying vacant shelters in “liberated areas”, but only if it is confirmed that the occupants are no longer present. Same is the case with vehicles.

8. Any report on Russia’s military and political leadership should be positive only.