February 3, 2023


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A page turns in Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu resigns, here is the new Prime Minister

A new page in Israeli history turned on Sunday at the end of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12 – year rule, when a Modley coalition led by his former ally Naphtali Bennett was ousted from parliament by a vote of confidence.

This change in the title of government came into effect at the end of a historic vote: 60 delegates voted for the new coalition, which goes from right to left, including the support of an Arab party, and 59, mainly Mr. Netanyahu’s far-right and radical Orthodox parties, the Likud Party, opposed it.

As soon as the result was announced, the Israelis celebrated in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, a year after the theaters of anti-Netanyahu protests.

This is not a day of mourning, it is a day of change

Bennett told parliament that the government would work for the “whole” population of the Israeli people, including the Arab minority, and for the radical Orthodox Jews not elected in this coalition, many of whom were ousted by his political opponents in the full assembly. “I understand that for many today it is not an easy day, but it is not a day of mourning, it is a day of change, regime change in a democracy“, He said in a speech before the vote.”I promise this government will work for the whole country and no one should be afraid of it“, Mr. Bennett continued.

Prevention and last minute deal

In the Assembly elections last March, Likud was in a polar position, but Mr. Netanyahu failed to mobilize the majority of the 61 delegates needed to form a government. Faced with a stalemate, President Reuven Rivlin asked then-opposition leader Yur Lapidt to try his luck.

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The latter were successful in extremism in early June, when the two left parties formed an alliance, two from the center, three from the right and – very rarely – the Arab creation Ram de Mansour Abbas.

Power sharing

The support of Mansour Abbas and Naphtali Bennett is needed to reach the threshold of the majority. Mr. To confirm Bennett’s support, Lapid, who was the first prime minister for two years, proposed to him in August 2023, before wearing the head of state’s uniform. Of course, this weak Modley coalition can stay in power until then.

Netanyahu’s “return”?

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that the caretaker Prime Minister has begun packing to leave Government House for the 71st year in a row, citing “corruption, fraud and abuse of power in business.”

If it is our destiny to be in opposition, we will keep it up in our heads, we will bring down this bad government, we will come back to run the country on our way (…) we will come back soon“, He qualified the new government as” weak “and started in parliament.

Parties on the streets

In front of the parliament building in Jerusalem, protesters carrying the blue and white national flag with the star of David expressed their support for the new coalition.

In Robin Square in Tel Aviv, the Israelis were preparing for a night of celebration. “Netanyahu goes home, this prime minister has been around for a long time, he changed the organization in his favor and tried to escape some crime, so today is party time in Tel Aviv“, An employee at a bar, Jorel Frankandi, 24 years old.

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“Security Threats”

In presenting his government’s broad plans to parliament, Naphtali Bennett confirmed that his coalition would not allow “Iran to buy nuclear weapons.” “This government is beginning its mission under the most serious security threat,” he said of Iran, promising that his country would “allocate full operational freedom” against its incumbent.

In addition to the Iranian issue, Mr. This government is united in its desire to overthrow Netanyahu, to find a common cause for the post-epidemic economic recovery and to avoid important issues such as the Palestinian question.

Once it takes office, the coalition will face serious challenges on Tuesday, such as an Israeli far-right planned march in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory of East Jerusalem.

Hamas, the Islamist movement that has ruled Palestinian Gaza under Israeli siege, has already threatened retaliation if the march was held near mosques. On Sunday he pointed out that the new government “has not changed anything” in its relationship with Israel.

In May, Hamas made a similar threat before launching rockets into Israel, leading to an 11-day war between the two protagonists.