November 26, 2022


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“A political tool”: Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s wife condemns Valérie Pécresse’s statements

This Tuesday evening, Jean-Jacques Bourdin received Valérie Pécresse on BFM TV as part of a political show called “France in the Eyes” in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment.

The Republican nominee, who acknowledged that he had been questioned about his participation in the show because of suspicions about the journalist, severely reshaped him, promising that such allegations – if true – were “very serious” and “should be condemned.” “The law of silence is over,” the presidential candidate hammered again.

This Wednesday evening, journalist Anne Nivat, the wife of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, condemned the remarks of the president of the le-de-France region. The top reporter called in the “C à vous” set accused Pécresse of using the situation for political purposes. “It’s an immediate political tool, it’s communication,” he lamented. To be continued: “We were conducted to a communication training which I did not accept”.

Sharing the life of Jean-Jacques Bourdin since 2006, he shared the Republican nominee’s point: “I agree with Valerie Pécresse on the fight against violence against women. Agreement with Valérie Pécresse is naive and must be believed.”

As a reminder, the Paris Attorney’s Office began an investigation on January 18 following the allegations against Bourdin. BFM TV has also decided to conduct an internal investigation while broadcasting the journalist.

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