October 7, 2022


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A rape in Elysee? The trial opens after a departure party has gone bad

The trial in connection with the “rape” was opened on July 12 after charges against another soldier, Elysee Soldier, and the latter was placed under the interim status of assistant witness, the AFP learned on Friday.

According to the source, “investigations are still ongoing” and the accused soldier was “placed” before the trial judge on July 12 following “interrogation under the status of assistant witness”, which is a lesser charge than the one charged.

In its article Case Revealing and Liberation Facts on the Side of the Three Creators’ Coalition Departure Party, Elysee Macron spoke in the evening, indicating that on July 1 Elise occurred on specific staff premises, and well after the division of the State Head.


“A young soldier who had previously attended a departure party said he had been sexually assaulted by a man, and a soldier” and an “unofficial officer”. “Both players are assigned to special staff, work together on a daily basis and get to know each other,” the Daily says.

The soldier, who had deposited a handful in the police station of the 8th Arrondissement “in the next few hours,” was released.

Like the release, Elysee told AFP that she had “never” commented on the “current legal cases”, while that “actions were taken immediately after the facts were brought to the attention of the authorities: immediate work with the victim, hearing, support and accomplice, far from the accused Élysée” Is ”.

The Armed Forces Ministry declined to comment immediately.

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