March 21, 2023


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A report reveals that T-Mobile has a new SIM protection feature

T-Mobile recently disabled self-service SIM card changes as they made some tweaks to the process. This was Un-carrier’s way of helping to enhance the security of these orders and protect their customers. and now, a report It reveals that T-Mobile has implemented the new security changes and is ready to roll them out to customers.

While this new SIM protection feature is intended to help secure its customers’ accounts, the un-carrier is still not ready to reactivate the self-service SIM change option. But you can actually add protection to your SIM on an individual line and at the account level. By doing this, you can prevent any changes to the SIM card until you remove the block.

You can enable SIM protection via the T-Mobile website, app, call support, or by visiting a T-Mobile store.

Source: T-Mo’s report

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