November 30, 2022


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A strange tunnel was discovered near the French ambassador’s residence in Tunis: “The scene deserves a Hollywood movie”

On Wednesday, November 3, Tunisian police discovered a tunnel dug in a villa near the French ambassador’s home in La Marca, a chic suburb north of Tunis. Soon, the announcement raised concerns about a potential terrorist threat in a country that is still highly unstable.

Interior Minister Toufiq Sarfedin, who was on display at the company of Tunisian President Guiz Said and head of government Najla Bouten, confirmed that the villa in question was fifty meters away from the French ambassador’s home. News site Business News. However, the motives of those behind the project are not yet clear. “Upon verification, it was revealed that one of the people who went home was a notorious terrorist.”, However the Minister pointed out.

A series of investigations

Suitable screenplay for a Hollywood movie“, The state newspaper commented on its role Press. “Was the French ambassador really targeted by any act?”

Rumors are circulating at the site that some local media are referring to the 270-meter tunnel, while others are talking about a one-meter simple hole. Some refer to the President’s platform to justify the security measures currently in place in the country. Dams have been set up in the area to shed light on the matter and an investigation is underway.

“All attempts to destabilize government agencies or our relationship with fraternal and allied nations will be in vain, and we will not allow those who conspire and serve behind the scenes to succeed.“I urge the President to suspend all rights reserved.”