January 29, 2023


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A student alone on the side of the road after a terrible midnight carpool

Juliet, a 22-year-old French student, had a terrifying carpooling experience on December 23. As explained France blue, the young woman wanted to go from Annecy to Tenac (in Sarande-Maritime), where her family was waiting for her on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, the trip didn’t go as planned.

The driver, though well-judged, started insulting other passengers, flashing lights and taking wrong turns several times. “One of the passengers in the back was totally drunk and I didn’t feel safe”, commented the student. But his trial was far from over.

“Too bad for her”

At the end of the journey, Juliet realizes that the driver is taking her to the wrong place. There are actually two Thenaux, one in Charente-Maritime, the other in Dordogne, 200 kilometers away. “However, the location was correct on the map at the time I booked”, pleads the young woman. So the error is due to the driver mis-entering the address into his GPS. When she made that comment to the driver, he replied that she was going to that Tenak and it was too bad for her. Then she dumped her by the roadside, in the dead of night, in the middle of the countryside. The student had to call a taxi and she waited for more than two hours.

After these mishaps, she luckily managed to get on the train (in the middle of the strike) and arrived in time for New Year’s Eve. However, the young woman complained to the driver and believes the trip will cost her 240 euros.

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