February 3, 2023


Complete News World

A third rape complaint was filed against Patrick Boire de Arvor

PFMTV reports that a seventh complaint has been lodged against the former editor of the TF1 20-hour newspaper. This is the third rape complaint, the other four sexual assaults. The new complainant mailed his complaint to Nander’s public prosecutor this weekend.

The 73-year-old journalist explains that he was raped in his office at the age of 24. He has already been questioned in connection with the investigation, but has never complained.

On June 4, PFMTV already revealed that three new women had lodged a complaint. Complaints already investigated by investigators, but did not want to file a complaint in the first place. Two of them filed a harassment complaint and a third person a rape complaint. The facts here are said to be 21 years old, when the woman, who was in her twenties at the time, explains that she was also raped in the star editor’s office.

To this day, Patrick Boyre d’Arver is still considered innocent. These new testimonies strongly remind us that Florence Borsell was the first woman to file a complaint against him. The writer accused the journalist of abusing himself between 2004 and 2009. For his part, Claire Chassell’s ex-boyfriend has always denied the facts, citing relationships he admitted during his May 18 trial. He complained to the accused. However, SMS messages exchanged between the writer and the journalist have come out recently and they have provoked trouble. Since then, the Florence Borsell has had to be re-investigated by the courts. So a case that follows its course.