November 30, 2022


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About 20 migrants were rescued from Jeeprook from the sinking ship

Twenty-four migrants who tried to reach the UK on a makeshift boat 40 kilometers off the coast of Belgium were rescued on Wednesday, four of whom have been admitted to hospital, Belgian police said. A police spokesman told AFP Federal that the rescue operation, which lasted about four hours, about 40 km from Jeeprook, was triggered after a disaster call from those in the small boat.

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Of the 24, only adults, many suffer from hypothermia. Nockey had to carry four people to get to the hospital quickly. Their lives are not in danger.

Twenty people rescued by police on Wednesday were mostly from the Middle East. Eleven are from Iraq. There are three Iranians, three Kuwaitis, one Afghan, one Egyptian and one Algerian. A federal police spokesman added that some of them were expected to be deported to another EU country where asylum applications have been registered.

It is common for medieval boats to cross the canal to reach England. French page, According to the prefect of Pas-de-Calais, between January 1 and September 30, 29,360 immigrants attempted to cross: 15,553 passed and 13,807 were stranded.

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The smugglers who organize these gods in dangerous situations sometimes operate off the Belgian coast even though the English coast is very far away. Bruges’ lawyer, Frank Demeester, said the material used by the smugglers (inflatable boats, life jackets, engines, Jerry cans, etc.) often went through Belgium for “use in France.”

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