August 13, 2022


Complete News World

“Absurd, anyone would have stopped under these circumstances”

Britton, driving his VW Beetle convertible, was accompanied by his daughter and grandchildren, Alfie and Leo. They stopped for a few minutes as Alfie managed to unbuckle his seatbelt from his car seat: “Children are unpredictable. You can’t predict this stuff. “There’s nowhere to park near the freeway,” Elaine told The Sun. “He tried to get out of the seat. We made a quick stop to fasten his seat belt again. It took two or three minutes at most.

But a few weeks later, Forties received a fine in her mailbox: “It’s ridiculous, someone would have stopped in these circumstances,” she protests. “I’m a nurse, I work long hours, I don’t get paid much. We don’t always have days off,” she continued.

Testifying in the Sun columns, Elaine is seeking to overturn the fine: “This is an emergency and a safety issue”. Meanwhile, Britain refuses to pay: “It’s a matter of policy,” she concludes.

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