May 17, 2022


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Accident involving Tesla: The driver insists he put the brakes on

One was killed and at least 20 were injured. On December 11, 2021, this taxi driver A. Tesla Model 3 By his side with his family. Hearing the noise the car stopped at the red light. His daughter-in-law assures the driver, “I hear some kind of beep when you text me. Anyway, I’m never heard of it before.”

Automatic but not autonomous, car restart and accelerator, he says. So he pressed the brake pedal with both feet. Tried to manually trigger the automatic brake to automatically engage when approaching an obstacle. There is no way to stop the machine, remember the fifties. The following is sad. The studs bend under the car and hit a glass container, then collide with a traffic light, which clears a van. The van collided with a 19-year-old cyclist.

The occupants of the car came out unscathed and witnessed the tragic massacre. “The worst thing is, I went outside and saw all these people lying on the floor. My stepmother is devastated. The glass he swallowed was broken blood cough. He starts running everywhere to look at the victims and apologize.The driver’s beautiful daughter explained.

No alcohol or drugs

The driver ate nothing. No alcohol or drugs. “I have all my points. I have to be one of a few of my colleagues who have never recovered. They tell me I’m driving like Grandpa.”, Says the driver was charged with manslaughter and manslaughter. He complained to the producer at the end of March Tesla Canada For “endangering the lives of others”.

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Today man cannot drive a vehicle. “We will deal with my unlicensed wife as much as we can. I work a little. I can distribute leaflets. I no longer understand how to drive.”. And the American company? “I hate her. Because of her, my family is almost dead.”