October 7, 2022


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According to Eurostat: In Luxembourg, the risk of poverty is higher than in France and Belgium

In 2021, in the EU, 95.4 million people were at risk of poverty (earning less than 60% of average disposable income), i.e. 21.7% of the European population.

In Romania and Bulgaria, the ratio is higher than 30%. Greece (28.3%), Spain (27.8%), Latvia (26.1%), Italy (25.2%), Lithuania (23.4%), Portugal (22.4%) and… Luxembourg (21.1%) or about 126,000 people. Germany is 12th (20.7%), France and Belgium are 16th.

In the Grand Duchy, women are more affected than men (20.5% vs. 21.7%), young people more than older people (28.3% of 15-24 year olds vs. 15.2% of older people). 55 years old. Seniors in Luxembourg also exhibit the lowest risk of poverty in the EU. The most vulnerable in the country are young women under the age of 25: 29.2% of them earn less than 60% of the average disposable income.

In one of its recent publications, Statec noted Average disposable income increased, the poverty line increased (from 1,942 to 2,177 euros, between 2019 and 2021), the risk rate of poverty (was 17.4% in 2019, author’s note). In view Price rise Current, The Community offices Many families fear being turned upside down.

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