January 30, 2023


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According to the WHO, Govt-19 is still out of control: “The situation is changing incredibly.”

According to Ms Van Gerco, 3.1 million new pollution cases and 54,000 deaths were reported worldwide last week, and the actual figures may be much higher.

“The situation is changing incredibly. And it will change because we do not have control over this virus,” the U.S. epidemiologist underlined during a live exchange on the WHO’s social networks.

“We have not yet left the jungle. We are in the middle of this epidemic. But where in the middle … we do not yet know because apparently we are not using the tools we currently have. Close to the end,” he added.

“In some cities we see intensive care units and hospitals closing and people dying, and people on the streets behaving as if the (epidemic) is completely over,” he lamented.

The expert also stressed that deaths of people who have not been vaccinated are often involved.

“Hospital and mortality rates are ‘very high’ among those who have not been vaccinated,” he said, according to data from countries reporting this information.

Ms. Van Kerkov tainted the misinformation and misconceptions circulating on the Internet about Govt-19.

“People are dying as a result. We can’t stop it,” he said.

The WHO is currently studying the possible evolution of the epidemic over the next three to 18 months.

“We have pockets of people who have not been vaccinated because they do not have access (to vaccines) or they refuse or cannot be vaccinated, and we can still see the infection.”

Maria van Kerkov has warned that the corona virus, although not eventually under control, will stay here.

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“The possibility of eradicating the virus or eradicating it globally has been lost from the beginning. Globally it has been lost because we have not attacked the virus as seriously as possible,” he lamented. .