August 9, 2022


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Afghanistan: Kabul airport reopens, students must wear abaya and niqab

Following the reopening of Kabul Airport, domestic airline Haryana Afghan Airlines resumed flights between the capital Kabul and three provincial capitals on Sunday.

The operations were resumed at Kabul airport, made possible by the technical assistance of Qatari officials who sent a series of experts to the site after the Americans left last week. Haryana says it will fly back between Kabul and Herat (west), Masar-i-Sharif (north) and Kandahar (south).

Students must wear abaya and niqab

Afghan students are required to wear black abaya, cover their face and wear niqab, and take lessons in same-sex classes, according to an order issued by the new Taliban regime ahead of the reopening of the country’s private universities. Abaya, students in private institutions are forced to wear, a large veil to cover the body. The niqab hides the face and reveals the eyes.

Examples d’abayas:

Nicob example:

Women enrolled in these institutions are also required to leave class five minutes before students and wait in waiting rooms until they leave campus, the order was issued by the Ministry of Higher Education on Saturday. Universities will be needed “Assign female teachers to students“, Or recruitment attempt”Old teachers“Whose morality has been explored, can we still read in this order?

When the Islamic movement first came to power between 1996 and 2001, homosexuality prevented almost all women from studying. Wearing a burqa, a long veil covering the entire head and body, covering the eyes with wire mesh, was then mandatory.

The issue of women’s rights was highly anticipated by the international community by the Taliban, who seized power after a lightning military attack on August 15. The latter, and a section of the Afghan population, have kept in mind the brutality of the Islamic movement and have been trying to show a more moderate face since it returned to power.

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The rules can be hard to follow

Regarding same-sex classes, “This can be complicated from a practical point of view, as we do not have enough teachers or classrooms to separate the girls.“Boys,” a university professor told AFP when asked by name.But the fact that they allow girls to go to school and university is an important and positive step.“, He adds.

Before the return of the Taliban, female Afghan students could attend classes in mixed classes and attend seminars given by men. In the last twenty years, schools and universities have not been saved from the violence that has rocked the country and faced so many deadly attacks. The Taliban have always denied any involvement in the attacks.

Merkel calls for talks with the Taliban to continue the evictions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday called for talks with the Taliban to continue their expulsion from Kabul in Afghanistan.

We need to talk about how to get those who worked for the Taliban in Germany out of the country and take them safely.Merkel told a news conference.