February 2, 2023


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Afghanistan: Middle and high schools reopen to boys only

U.S.100% male re-entry: Only middle and high school students in Afghanistan were allowed to go to school on Saturday, which was regretted by UNICEF, which urged the new Taliban regime to “do not leave girls”.

Ten days after the reopening of private universities in the country, the Ministry of Education announced on Friday that “all male teachers and high school students” will return to their institution, without mentioning anything about teachers or college girls.

This ambiguity exacerbates the concerns of a section of the Afghan population and the international community, which fears a return to the same situation in which fundamentalists first came to power between 1996 and 2001.

The Islamic movement pursued a particularly brutal policy against women, who were not allowed to work, study, play sports or walk the streets alone.

After the expulsion of the Taliban by the US-led International Coalition, women were able to regain their basic rights and access prohibited jobs, such as judges, parliamentarians or pilots.

“UNICEF welcomes the reopening of secondary schools in Afghanistan, but urges girls not to leave,” Henrietta Foer, managing director of the UN agency, responded Friday.

“Recalling the significant progress made in countries over the past two decades, UNICEF stressed in a statement,“ Everyone, including the elderly, needs to resume their education without further delay. ”.

In the space of twenty years, the number of schools has tripled and the number of children attending school has increased from 1 million to 9.5 million, according to the UN.

Since they came to power, the Taliban have sought to reassure the international community by ensuring that women’s rights are respected.

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But these demands have been weakened by a number of recent decisions by the Afghan administration.

Women certainly retain the right to study at the university, but for this they must wear the abaya and the hijab and classes will be conducted in the same gender as possible.

There is no woman in government

No woman was added to the new interim executive, which was appointed in early September.

The Ministry of Promotion and Vice Prevention, which feared its fundamentalism during the first Taliban chapter, now appears to have occupied the premises of the former Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

A month after the Taliban captured Kabul, the aftershocks continued to be felt in the wake of the chaotic expulsions that followed the arrival of the Islamic movement.

In Washington, the U.S. military on Friday admitted that it had accidentally crashed into a vehicle believed to be loaded with bombs, killing ten innocent Afghan civilians in a “tragic” mistake.

The day after the strike, which took place on August 29, the family of Esmarai Ahmadi, the driver of the vehicle, said he was working for a voluntary charity and that ten of them, including children, had been killed.

More than 71,000 Afghan and Pakistani civilians have been killed during the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

In the Netherlands, Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld announced his resignation following the tumultuous administration ousted from Afghanistan.

The resignation comes the day after a delegation of representatives criticized the government for failing to expel some Afghans.

On the diplomatic front, Russian President Vladimir Putin believed that the Moscow and Beijing-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SEO) would establish itself as a partner of the Taliban, thus promising to fight “terrorism.”

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UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grande, who visited Pakistan on Friday, warned of a refugee crisis and called on the international community to act again.

Afghanistan will be at the center of many discussions at the UN General Assembly next week. The question of who will speak for Kabul is still unresolved.