November 26, 2022


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After COP27, Climate Minister Zakia Ghatabi responded, ‘I can’t hide my disappointment.’

Zakia Khattabhi explains that the EU, like Belgium, was initially not in favor of this, but the EU eventually rallied to the financial plan.

“In line with the position of the European Union, the position of Belgium is that we do not want to set up this fund, each for different reasons. Flanders because it is not I don’t want to put a penny in it. The central government, my government, because it wanted to target aid. Financial proposal First put on the table, like indifferent target states Who needs Pakistan? And we felt that China, a huge CO2 emitter, should not have access to these funds. The European proposal made it possible to target low-emitting countries.

But the European Union accepted the establishment of this fund. “We had to land”, she says, “There was A variation of strategy Support The countries of the South decided to join the European Union but were resolved in this compromise plan.

The minister insists that supporting southern countries affected by climate change is not a principled objection, as Belgium already has some similar aid: “V.Some governments have already pledged to support countries most vulnerable to climate change. Wallonia Previously generated a million euros. At the federal level, within the framework of Belgian cooperation, we release resources. Loss and damage Climate related.

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