December 8, 2022


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After Denmark or France, Norway lifts its anti-Govt health restrictions: “We have to live with more epidemics”

“Today we are finally at the point where we can eliminate many of the health measures that we need to live through this winter,” Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store told a news conference.

Although the Omigran variant has caused outbreaks of infections, this does not translate to hospitalization for severe forms of the disease in a country where the population is most widely vaccinated.

“We have to live with a high level of infection, we can live with a high level of infection,” Store added.

With the cuts coming into effect from 11pm, the final restrictions on the sale of liquor in bars and restaurants will be removed: there will no longer be a need to sit down and order before 11pm.

Telework will no longer be mandatory, and the recommended ceiling for welcoming guests at home will disappear, as will the recognized public volume at sporting events.

Entry into Norway does not require a border check, or the need to adhere to isolation if relatives are contaminated – but daily testing is recommended for five days – and the period of isolation from the victim is six. For four days.

However, there are some restrictions on the simultaneous prevention of infection in the population and the continued functioning of the community.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) 3 to 4 million Norwegians out of a population of 5.4 million may be affected by the summer.

Severely criticized by economic circles, especially the catering and hotel industry, the meter distance is the rule, except for universities and fixed seats (theaters, theaters, churches, etc.).

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In places where the meter is not respected (shops, public transport, etc.) the mask is also mandatory.

Norway goes a little lower than neighboring Denmark, waiving all its restrictions on Tuesday and returning to “pre-life”.

So far, more than 781,000 Govt cases have been registered in the country, including 1,440 deaths. Approximately 91% of adults have a complete immunization schedule.