May 18, 2022


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Agreement between La France insoumise and PS for Assembly elections concludes: “Stop pursuing the unjust and brutal policy of Emmanuel Macron”

“We want to prevent the continuation of Emmanuel Macron’s unjust and brutal policy (RSA on free work and retirement at age 65), defeat the far right, and elect representatives in the majority constituencies,” the statement said.

“The prime minister will come from Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, the largest group in the legislature,” they added.

Through this agreement, PS joins the “new popular ecological and social union” in which EELV and PCF are already members under agreements made over the past three days.

The text adopts strategic policies already approved by these two organizations.

All members of the association will attend an investment conference in Auburnville on Saturday.

In the plan, the main orientations are also checked with the PS: the minimum wage is 1,400 euros, the prevention of the prices of the first requirements, the El-Gomri law (a socialist), environmental planning, the Sixth Republic. ..

To retire at age 60, it would be “for everyone”, but PS added: “Particular attention should be paid to long, uninterrupted careers and hard work”.

Apparently there is a “secular and universal republic” defense, the Socialists wanted to clarify.

Both organizations record “different stories with European construction.” But the goal is general: “To put an end to the EU’s liberalization and productivity and to create a new program in the service of the Environment and the United Nations.”

Under European agreements, the LFI and the PS make a lexical compromise, blocking the use of the program at certain points: “We are talking about disobedience to some and temporary humiliation to others”.

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“We must overcome these obstacles and be prepared to disregard certain rules,” the statement added.

The deal will be submitted to the PS’s internal parliament for a vote on Thursday evening.