October 7, 2022


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Ahmed Arbury murder: 3 Americans sentenced to life imprisonment

In South America in February 2020, three white Americans were sentenced to life in prison on Friday for the subsequent murder of a young black joker, Ahmed Arbery, for allegedly kidnapping him.

Travis McMichael, 35, who made the deadly shots, and his father, Gregory McMichael, 66, were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of early release.

William Bryan, 52, who lives next door to them, took part in the trial by filming, hoping to be released soon after 30 years in prison.

They were convicted of murder on November 24 in Brunswick, Georgia, after a debate marked by racism and civil rights.

Ahmed Arbury left his home “He ran for his life to jog”, Judge Timothy Walmsley announced the sentence Friday in this coastal city in the southeastern United States.

That was the young man “They were hunted down and killed because the people in this room made the law themselves.”, He explained.

He realized that Gregory McMichael had incited his son and his neighbor to pursue the young man, while admitting that he was not really sure he was a thief.

He also slammed the attitude of Travis McMichael “When the victim is lying on the floor, he is worried about his child (left alone at home, teacher’s note) and himself”.

“No doubt”

Ahmed Arbery’s family, made a request “Maximum sentence” For three men, these harsh punishments were welcomed.

“I know we’ve come out of court with a win, I never doubted.”Said his mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones.

Earlier, he told Judge Walsley that “they are targeting (his) son because they do not want to be in their neighborhood.”

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This judgment “Was very important” So the “Responsible” Presumably, Lee Merritt, one of the family’s attorneys, said. “It’s important for the family to see these men imprisoned.”

Famous African-American lawyer Ben Crump paid tribute “To all black people who have been murdered and not given justice in the history of the United States and Georgia.”

“Defensive always ends badly”, For her part, attorney Linda Dunikowski said at trial she believes McMichael did not show up. “No regrets, no regrets”.

He revealed that Gregory McMichael had sent pictures of the murder to the media. “Because he thought it was going to free him.”

The three’s lawyers finally argued that it was an accidental act that made them unfit to end their days in prison.

“Because he was black”

The racial dimension of this case was the basis during the trial.

McMichaels and their neighbor decided to go after Ahmed Arbury because he was running in the streets because he was black, said Linda Dunikowski.

On February 23, 2020, the 25-year-old was jogging when three men chased him in their cars.

After an argument, Travis McMichael opened fire, killing Jagger as he tried to grab his gun in self-defense.

Defendants promised to take Ahmed Arbery for a burglar who saw him a few days before entering the house under construction.

All three enforced Georgia law, dated from the Civil War and canceled after the tragedy, allowing the arrest of civilians.

In this state further marked by racism and segregation, they enjoyed the tenderness of local justice, for which Gregory McMichael worked long hours and was released for several months.

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After the video of the tragedy aired in May, the investigation was transferred and handed over to the state police, who arrested all three.

The case sparked massive anti-racist protests that rocked the country in the summer of 2020, following the death of George Floyd, another African American, killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Those convicted of the murder of Ahmed Arbery did not end up with justice: they will be tried for racist offenses by a federal court from February 7.